Maintenance Scheduler 2.5e

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Maintenance Scheduler Multi-purpose maintenance scheduler!

Maintenance Scheduler is a program to schedule your maintenances, repairs and upgrades on equipment, car, household appliances, machines etc. For each maintenance, user can keep track of the date, time, purpose, cost, service provider, contact, location and notes.

Here are some key features of "Maintenance Scheduler":

· 1. Repeat function for next week, bi-week, month, quarter and year. User can record the same maintenance without keying the same information. Simply tap on buttons next to the "Repeat Next" label.

· 2. Different sorting function on listing. User can view all information sorted by Date, Service or provider.

· 3. Unlimited categories.


· Palm: Palm Vx

· Palm OS 3.5

· 200KB

What's New in Version

· 1. Added Beam function for data sharing.

· 2. Added Duplicate function.

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